troubleshooting a DE filter

Troubleshooting a DE Filter

You either have holes in the fabric of the grids, or a crack in the manifold that the grids attach to. It can also mean a broken air bleeder tube or assembly. Finally, DE in the pool can mean that the multiport or push-pull valve is allowing powder to bypass the filter. You will notice […] Read More

steps to backwash a DE filter

Steps to Backwash a DE Filter

DE filters also should be backwashed when gauge reads 8–10 lbs higher than its clean starting pressure.. This involves turning a valve so that the water will flow through the filter backwards, flushing out the dirt, hence the name “backwashing.” DE filters can have either a slide valve or a multiport valve. The multiport valve […] Read More

DE Pool Filter

The DE filter is the most efficient type of pool filter on the market. It can trap particles down to 3-5 microns, well below that which the naked eye can see. DE filters use a pressure gauge to indicate a need for backwashing when it reads 8-10 lbs. higher than its clean reading. After backwashing […] Read More

acid wash your pool

Steps in Doing Acid Wash to Improve Pool Surface

A swimming pool that is not properly cleaned and maintained well can be pretty unpleasant. Imagine dipping in the pool and seeing algae swarming the plaster surface. Even worse is when you cannot even see the bottom because the algae have grown too much under that not even chemicals can remove them. I suggest you […] Read More