Pool Cleaning Phoenix

Pool cleaning in Phoenix Pool service , Pool maintenance. These are all the things that they call what we professionals in the industry do. As a 20-year veteran of swimming pools in Phoenix, Arizona. Someone who was trained by Steven Jokilehto, who also had about 20 years’ experience.

I’ve seen many, many things run into a lot of different problems. When it comes to pool cleaning, my technique is to set the pool up, the return eyeballs, the clock. The skimmer and main drain balance, all of the variables in the pool. I set them all up to keep the pool as clean as possible, every day of the week.

This is why I prefer cleaners that are forward driven and have steering in them, over the backwards driven cleaners with the disk on the bottom that always seemed to have areas that they just can’t, or won’t, get to. But it’s important if you know your pools and you know the patterns in your pools.

That you work with the environment there, work with the pool, to let it help clean itself in as many ways as you can.Whether you have an in-floor cleaner, a suction-side cleaner, or a Polaris these are the areas of expertise that the Phoenix pool expert has. When you hire A-OK Pool services, you get DJ’s expertise, and the cumulative knowledge of many, many years of experience.

Phoenix Pool Experts

DJ has taken about every class that there is, from Pentair Hayward, every manufacturer. He’s gone to the trade shows, attended the various classes on the clinging systems, and the new style drains and the new laws. And all of the other things that go into this, water chemistry and everything else. So that he can give you the quality, neatness, and sanitation that pool cleaning really should be.

We have a tiered program, the Phoenix pool expert offers many levels of service. Whether it’s balancing chemicals only.Balancing chemicals and backwashing. Balancing chemicals, emptying baskets, backwashing ,Balancing chemicals, backwashing, emptying baskets and brushing the walls.

It just depends on how much the homeowner wants to do. And what needs to happen at that individual stop with many years’ experience. We’ve learned that homeowners have different requirements and different amounts of time that they want to spend working on their pool and enjoying their pool.

so we can provide what ever service you want. Including some specialized chemicals that will help to keep the algae food out of the water. So that the algae cannot live and operate in the pool without the nutrients that they would normally need.

And help keep the waste down, whether this is body oils or debris from trees and things around.
These are the things that we consider when we talk about cleaning a pool, whether it’s a commercial. Which often require the use of enzymes to keep the oil from the bathing load down. To the backyard pool that requires almost nothing.
Whatever your needs are, let our experience and wisdom help you have a better life in your pool.