Green Pool – Cleanup Expert

Chlorine is a chemical added to swimming pools to kill bacteria that can build up over time and lead to a discoloration of the water. Green water is most often a sign of algae, not necessarily bacteria, but different pools have different bacteria that can affect the water. If the pH balance of the water isn’t in the right place, it will allow bacteria to flourish, leading to further discoloration. If the pH level is too low, the water is acidic and over time, it will erode plastic and metal components. A pH level that is too high will not kill bacteria and will allow scale buildup of calcium and other minerals. A healthy pool is between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale.
Please note that the Green Pool algae cleanup process can take a number of days depending upon the situation.We will clean out algae and organic debris; adjust the pool water pH and alkalinity; shock the pool; adjust the chemicals; make sure the water is safe; vacuum the pool to remove debris; and leave your pool with fresh, clear, clean water.