Pool Parts

So, the Phoenix Pool Expert has access to original manufacturing parts as well as the new generation of pool supplies by a company, and by a variety of companies.As well as many new innovative products, and new manufactures of some of the old standards that can help keep the price down. Always having in mind the need for high quality supplies for your pool.

Your pool is, after all, let’s face it, it’s a luxury item, and while you’d like to be able to treat it like a luxury item. The budget can certainly get out of hand, that’s why the Phoenix Pool Expert knows about the different products and how to save you money.

When you buy parts, if there’s a need for them to be from the manufacturer. They certainly are, if the aftermarket parts are just as good, or even better in quality with the price savings, then that’s what you’ll be offered.

You can trust the Phoenix Pool Expert to know the difference in these different products. The basic philosophy is not to put anything in a pool that hasn’t been on the market for at least a couple of years.

Some of the parts are tested in parts of the country like Michigan or Georgia, or the Carolina’s or something, where the water is of a completely different quality, the types of pools that they use are often vinyl and other things, and the sunlight is not as intense.

Transparency in work ?

As the Phoenix Pool Expert, I don’t put anything in your pool that I don’t know can stand the Arizona environment. Our water is harder than normal, our sunlight is more intense than normal. And we have a dust environment rather than a debris environment.

so in other words, in Phoenix, while some of the older, more established neighborhoods may have trees that will blow leaves into the pool, and certainly we can handle that. But all environments have that. What’s unique about Phoenix as far as that part of it goes. Is just the level of dust and dirt that can blow in.

Our pools can require more backwashing than normal, they can require many more things. You can trust that you’re always going to get the best parts at a great price.