Pool Polaris

Polaris cleaners are also called pressure side cleaners. A pressure side cleaner is one that uses the pressure of the pump. The water flowing back to the pool, or sometimes assisted by a secondary pump. Polaris cleaners is a booster pump for the cleaner.

It goes on the bottom, on wheels, and it has a debris bag on top. Or a fine mesh sand and silt bag on top to catch anything that comes up, and as it’s driving over an area. Water jets from underneath spray up into the bag, drawing dirt and debris with it.

And then there’s a tail on the back that follows along, it’s a whip. And a water jet shoots out of the back of it. Stirring up the dirt behind it as it passes , and thereby helping to keep all of that suspended, so that at the next pass it picks it up more easily.

This is the basic idea behind the Polaris. People that have Polaris in their pool are typically happy with the cleanliness of the pool. One thing is that it does suspend dirt into the water column.

So the walls and the steps and the benches and things like that, they have to be swept on a regular basis or the dirt will rest there, but the rest of the pool. The leaves are all picked up, the dirt doesn’t collect on the bottom, and everything just, you know, everything just stays clean in general.


Easy To Use Pool Cleaner?

Polaris tends to be a pretty reliable cleaner, they tend to run for years and with no adjustment and just keep the pool clean. And additionally, even though they’re using a booster pump, which does use some electricity. However they only need to run two or three hours a day in most cases.

In two or three hours a day of running this little booster pump, the whole pool stays clean and spotless, essentially, because they go fast. They move across the surface of the pool pretty fast, collecting everything in the bag.They are a little bit more expensive, both to purchase and to repair, and to operate. Than a suction site cleaner, which here in the south west, the suction site cleaners are hugely popular.

Partially because this is a dust environment rather than a debris environment. If we were in an environment, let’s say California where the Santa Ana winds blow in all of these tree leaves. And all of this vegetative debris into the pools, then the Polaris is almost indispensable in those situations.

Because it doesn’t rely on the suction of the pool, the pump, to move it, like a suction site cleaner does, like for instance the Hayward Pool Vac. Which has been around for a long time, and still tends to be a very popular cleaner.

That one can be clogged up by some debris and things like that. Whereas the Polaris tends to have a big enough throat and a gradual enough opening that most debris will go right in. And what doesn’t go in usually just gets run over by the wheels. And can be netted out by hand without plugging up the entire system.

Need a Cleaner ?

Whereas if you have a suction cleaner, a suction cleaner may be going across the bottom. Picking up leaves and debris and things like that, and filling the pump basket with it.

And once the pump basket gets full with the leaves and the debris. Then the water doesn’t move, and things tend to be more problematic. Whereas if you have a pressure site cleaner, it’s out in the pool with a bag full of debris.

And the pump and filter is still functioning like normal, because they’re not being asked to handle this additional load. So the Polaris pool cleaner is a very good pool cleaner. The Phoenix Pool Expert of course has been working on these Polaris pool cleaners for his entire career. And has become somewhat adept at making it work.

There’s a particular pattern that has to be used when installing one of these cleaners. Cutting the hoses to the right length, and such as that, there’s a particular pattern for that. So the manufacturer has issued suggestions.

And if the Polaris is tying itself in knots and other things like that. That may be part of the problem, the hoses may not have been cut correctly. The swivels then may not have been cut correctly, and the swivels then are not at the right spots. And so the steering of it tends to be off, and it’ll tie itself in knots.

Additionally, there’s a backup valve, which if that’s not functioning correctly. Can slow the cleaner down and make it so that it barely works at all. There are several other factors that can go on, there’s a screen that has to be cleaned out regularly.

Pool cleaning Expert Advice

So, a new homeowner whose Polaris had been working fine for a while and then starts to not work so well. There might actually be a simple solution to the situation, or it could be that the cleaner has worn itself out, like I said. After years of trouble free pool cleaning, sometimes the Polaris.

Just all of the stuff inside is worn out. There is a rebuild kit for that. There’s a tune up kit, and a rebuild kit, depending on how in depth the repair needs to be. But with the rebuild kit, the entire Polaris looks brand new, and all of the moving parts in it are new.

With the tuneup kit all of the moving parts are replaced. But you don’t get the new shell and those sorts of things, so either is good, but you can renew a Polaris to make it like brand new.

you take it all of the way down to the most basic framework that’s in it, and then build the whole thing back up from there.

Polaris’ are great little cleaners, I know exactly how to fix yours if you need, or if you want, so give us a call, thanks.