“Sometimes, you just know you’ve done the right thing.  DJ took great care of our pool!  We wish he serviced our area since we moved.”  ~ P Allen, Phoenix

DJ is a Phoenix native who’s been servicing, repairing, and remodeling swimming pools since 1996 when he started Sun Shine Day Dream, his first pool service business. He had grown tired of working at American Express and tired of sitting in front of a computer terminal. He was making tie-dye in his spare time. Jerry Garcia had just died.  It was time to make a change.  He sought to further challenge himself and get out of the office environment.

His military experience of upper air weather observation had almost no civilian applications outside the NOAA and NASA.

So he learned how to clean pools working part time for his friend Steven Jokilehto.

While his life has a deeper spiritual purpose, he found that he could earn a living keeping families’ pools clean, and Phoenix, his hometown, was always in need of someone who could diagnose problems and make things work in the backyards of Phoenix’s homes.

Soon, he was leaving American Express altogether.

Within a few months of this arrangement, DJ was put in touch with some nuns who had a small pool with so many cleaning problems which Steven didn’t want to add to, and they became his first customers.

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