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backwash clean your filter

How to Backwash Clean Your Filter

You’ll have to backwash clean your filter. Unless you have a cartridge filter, you’ll have to backwash. Here, we’re using a top-mounted dial vaalve in a sand filter. Snd should be backwashed between once a week and once a month depending on the amount of dirt and organics in the pool. Here in Phoenix, we have […] Read More

Ten steps to Black Algae Treatment

Black Algae Treatment Expert Black algae is a problem for many swimming pool owners. When you wake up and find black algae spots on your pool surfaces, disaster has descended on your pool. Black algae spots occur in a swimming pool when your water has low free chlorine level and/or dirt is allowed to build […] Read More

Pool Cleaning Phoenix How to: The Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaning Phoenix How to: The Pool Cleaner, My Favorite! Here’s a “how to” look at the Pool Cleaner POOLVERGNUEGEN,  my favorite cleaner – pool cleaning Phoenix. This presenter is kinda funny. You can hear his dog howling in the background. These are pretty good instruction and it’s not all about the presenter.  I like […] Read More